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Chamber Music Accord - Audition Fee


Auditions/Applications accepted January 15 - March 15, 2019, or until all spaces are filled.

Requirements: Application form and video audition link (YouTube or Vimeo preferred). 


Please submit one or two original scores in PDF format and a recording for each score. If you compose only through lead sheets or "non-traditional" written cues of another type, please provide those and feel free to explain your process of conveying your ideas to your performers in the "Additional Comments" section. Recordings by live performers or MIDI recordings will be accepted. In the "Additional Comments" section provided, please feel free to give time markers/measure numbers for excerpts you particularly wish for us to hear, as well as any other info you would like us to have that is not in the score. The total length of the recording should be not more than 15 minutes. 


Please submit a video recording of two contrasting movements that you love to play that highlight your work and interest as a musician. If the two movements combined are more than 15 minutes long, you may give time markers for excerpts you particularly wish for us to hear in the "Additional Comments" section provided. 


Please submit answers to the following questions along with your audition link - each answer can be roughly around 250 words: 

  If you were to create a playlist that reflects who you are, which three musical pieces or songs would be included in the playlist and why?

  If you were to have dinner with three non-musical artists, dead or alive, who would they be and why? 

After checking out, please submit your audition link*, answers to above questions, and any supplemental materials to [email protected] 

*Videos may not be marked private on YouTube and Vimeo videos marked private must provide a password with submission.

Audition fees are nonrefundable.


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